Thoughts on Music Essence and Doing music for Music Appreciation Class: Comparison and Integration from the Perspective of the Seminotic Fuctional Circle

Gyu Do Kim
page. 273~302 / 2010 Vol.38 No.0
e-ISSN 2713-3788
p-ISSN 1229-4179


An aesthetic approach that enhances aesthetic sensibility by understanding the composition factors of music and a praxial approach that develops musicality through the purposeful activities called 'doing music' are founded on 'understanding' and 'activity' in the subject matter system of a music department's curriculum in my country, South Korea. The semiotic functional circle by Maria B. Spychinger=Lang clarifies the way where the musical education proceeds to by comparing and integrating Reimer's aesthetic approach and Elliott's praxial approach. This research is intended to find out the possibility for the study of 'music essence' and 'doing music' of an appreciative activity after the application of the semiotic functional circle to an appreciative activity in music classes. The significance of the semiotic approach is suggested from the study to perceive and impress the composition factors of music and the activity to express an image in the guidance plan of the appreciative lessons.

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