About the Association(KMES)

Korean Music Education Society (KMES) was foundeded in 1956 under the name of Korean Music Education Research Society. Throughout 65 years since the first president Jemyoung Hyun, the Society has had an important role to introduce the contemporary academic trends and practices of music education through diverse concerts, seminars, conferences, lectures, trainings and colloquiums. The Society has had continuing connections with various institutions, organizations and scholars worldwide as well as nationwide. KMES supported the ISME conference held in Seoul, Korea in 1992. In 1997 KMES (president Hongsoo Lee) co-founded Asia-Pacific Symposium in Music Education Research (APSMER) with McPherson in the United States and Murao in Japan for public discussion among music educators in Asia-Pacific regions, which are still very active. In 2007 APSMER was invited to ISME’s Asia-Pacific regional conference. KMES staff member Youngyeon Kim and former president Jongmo Yang have served as board members of APSMER. Since 2010 KMES has continuously participated in the UNESCO arts education conference and World Arts Week conferences in Korea. Now KMES is planning to host APSMER Conference in 2023.

Korean Journal of Research in Music Education (KJRMES) is a official journal published by the Korean Music Education Society since 1973, the first academic organization related to music education in Korea founded in 1956. As this journal was selected as an excellent academic journal in the 2018 National Research Journal Evaluation, This journal is supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea Grant funded by the Korean Government (MOE).


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