Best Practice

1. Website

The URL of official journal web site is

The KJRME team endeavors to make a good website. KJRME web site demonstrates that care has been taken to ensure high ethical and professional standards. It does not contain any misleading information, including any attempt to mimic another journal/publisher’s site.


2. Name of Journal

The official journal title is Korean Journal of Research in Music Education.


3. Peer Review Process

The Korean Journal of Research in Music Education (KJRME) has online submission and peer review system at

All papers, including those invited by the editor, are subject to peer review. A manuscript is first reviewed for its format and adherence to the aims and scope of the journal. If the manuscript does not fit the aims and scope of the journal or does not adhere to the instructions for authors, it may be returned to the author immediately after receipt and without a review. Manuscripts are inspected by inspected by similarity check powered by iThenticate ( a plagiarism-screening tool).

• The journal uses a double-blind peer review process: the reviewers do not know the identity of the authors, and vice versa.

• The editorial committee has the right to revise the manuscript without the authors’ consent, unless the revision substantially affects the original content. After review, the editorial board determines whether the manuscript is accepted for publication or not. Once rejected, the manuscript does not undergo another round of review. See more specific Peer Review Process in IV Authors-Peer Review Policy.

• After a manuscript is received by the editorial committee, an e-mail confirmation thereof will be sent to the author within 7 days. The author will be notified of any possible delay that is due to evaluation difficulty. The authors can make an inquiry to the editorial committee on the current evaluation phase of the manuscript. The Board will notify the author on the status of the board review process.

*See more specific Peer Review Process in IV Authors-Peer Review Policy.


4. Ownership and Management

This journal is owned by the publisher, the Korean Music Education Society (


5/6. Governing Body / Editorial Team and Contact Information

The governing body is the journal's editorial board. The full names and affiliations of the journal’s editors and members of journal management team are on the About tab of journal homepage, and the contact information for the Editor and editorial office is on the About tab.


7. Copyright and Licensing

Copyright to all published materials is owned by the Korean Music Education Society. All authors should agree to the copyright transfer during the submission process.

KJRME is an open access journal. Articles are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. To use the tables or figures of KJRME in other journals, books or media for scholarly, educational purposes, the process of permission request to the publisher of KJRME is not necessary. All contents of the journal are available immediately upon publication without embargo period.

The authors of the manuscript hereby agree that the Korean Music Education Society(KMES) holds the copyright on all submitted materials and the right to publish, transmit, sell, and distribute them in the journal or other media. The contributors should submit the Copyright Transfer Agreement when they submit their manuscript through the online review system.


8. Author Fees

Review Fee: 90,000 won

Publication Fee: 200,000 won (+ 10,000 won, when exceeding 20 pages)

Bank Account: Post Office 101220-02-048775 (KMES, Daneun Kwon)


9. Process for Identification of and Dealing with Allegations of Research Misconduct

When the journal faces suspected cases of research and publication misconduct such as Fabrication, Falsification, Plagiarism, Duplicate publication, and Misrepresentation of authorship, the discussion and dicesion on the suspected cases are carried out by the Editorial Board on the code of Research Ethics of the Korean music education society.

Please see more specific on Ethical guideline in For Authors page.


10. Research & Publication Ethics

Please see more specific on Peer Review Policy and Editorial Policy in For Authors page.


11. Publishing Schedule

KJRME published quarterly (February 28, May 31, August 31 and November 30).


12. Access

KJRME is an open access journal. A free PDF format and metadate XML is available immediately upon publication without embargo period.


13. Archiving

This archive contains links to the full-text of all issues of Korean Journal of Research in Music Education(KJRME, and it is accessible without barrier from Korea Citation Index (, National Library of Korea (


14. Revenues Sources

This journal is supported by publisher (Korean Music Education Society) and the National Research Foundation of Korea Grant funded by the Korean Government (MOE).


15. Advertising

KJRME does not accept any commercial product advertisements until policy changes otherwise.


16. Direct Marketing

Journal propagation usually has been done through the journal web site and distribution of e-mail to all members. Additional invitations to submit manuscript are focused on the presenters at conferences, seminars, or workshops if the topic is related to the journal's aims and scope.


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Author Fee

Review Fee: 90,000 won

Publication Fee: 200,000 won (+ 10,000 won, when exceeding 20 pages)

Bank Account: Post Office 101220-02-048775 (KMES, Daneun Kwon)