The Perceptions of Secondary Pre-service Music Teachers Regarding Inclusive Education

Moon Jung Yoon
page. 109~133 / 2011 Vol.40 No.2
e-ISSN 2713-3788
p-ISSN 1229-4179


The purpose of this article was to examine the perceptions of secondary pre-service music teachers about inclusive education. Total 83 music education majors in a masters program at three graduate schools participated in the study. Data were gathered through a three-part Questionnaire to identify music educations majors` attitude and concern for general inclusive education and inclusive music education. The result showed that the participants were more willing to include students who shy and withdrawn and whose academic achievement was I year below than others. However less agreeable to including students with communication problems and behavioral problems. The participants indicated that they were more concern about whether sufficient resources and special teachers were provided in classes. They were less concerned about the incentives to teach inclusive classes and their own performance as a teacher. The perceptions of participants about inclusive music education were identified: 1) inclusive music education had positively affect to both the disabled and non-disabled, 2) participants were willing to take inclusive music education programs. In addition, personal opinions were suggested. From the results, the followings are suggested for inclusive music education development. First, concrete and specific teaching strategies and educational planning should be offered in teacher education and pre-service teacher education programs. Second, sufficient music academic resources, materials and the teaching assistant were needed. Third, the understandings of peoples including administrators, disabled students, non-disabled students, parents with regard to inclusive education was necessary. Last, music educators and special educators should cooperate to develop inclusive education.

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