Trend Analysis of Secondary School Music Teacher Employment Examination Questions: 2009∼2013 School Year

Young Mee Kim,Byung Ok Choi
page. 71~96 / 2013 Vol.42 No.3
e-ISSN 2713-3788
p-ISSN 1229-4179


This study analyzed the questions related to the content knowledge of musical education subject for the middle and high school teacher employment examination conducted from the school year of 2009 to 2013 based on the evaluation scope of the musical education subject content knowledge and evaluation contents which were presented by the Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation(KICE). To achieve the objectives of this study, a total of 200 questions were collected with respect to the questions that appeared on the test over the last 5 years which aimed to evaluate the level of applicants` knowledge related to the contents of musical education subject. The ratio of the contents covered in the test was assessed based on the scope of evaluation and the items for evaluation among the 12 subjects. Based on the results, suggestions were presented in relation to the operation of the musical education curriculum for the department of musical education at the college of education or the restructuring of the evaluation scope. There was a significant difference in the ratio of items that appeared on the test among the 12 subjects related to the content knowledge of musical education. Also, there was a remarkable difference in the ratio of items covered in the test among the evaluation scope by subject. The results of analysis on the evaluation content items suggested that 15 items out of 72 items did not appear in the musical teacher employment examination for 5 years. Based on such results of analysis, this study discussed the need for readjusting the ratio of items covered in the test of content knowledge related to musical education or the evaluation scope and evaluation content items.

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