A Study on Teaching Methods of Bongjangchwi as Music Drama for 5th grade Elementary School

Myung Won Yoon
page. 213~238 / 2013 Vol.42 No.3
e-ISSN 2713-3788
p-ISSN 1229-4179


Bongjangchwi is the predecessor music of the present Sanjo. Bongjangchwi is music which has evenly the beauty of form and Sigimsae. feature of melody imitating bird sound. Especially, bird sound included in music of Bongjangchwi is impressive. This factor is good material in inducing musical imagination of elementary school students. Accordingly Bongjangchwi was used by listening to music topic in 2007 music textbook of elementary school fifth grade. At this, the purpose of original study suggest class guidance plan and examine various teaching, learning method which can make and plan music drama for trying to music play making class and extension of creativity Bongjangchwi topic introduced in music textbook. The result of study, when elementary students make music drama Bongjangchwi and play, they suggested method which reconstruct textbook, use Gamuak factor, sing by changing song lyrics, play musical instrument, express body, use of cooperative learning by group activity. This study has significance which provide specific guidance for music drama teaching in Korean traditional music education.

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