A Study on Development and Application of an Inclusive Music Education Program for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Eun A Choi
page. 115~138 / 2014 Vol.43 No.2
e-ISSN 2713-3788
p-ISSN 1229-4179


The purpose of this study is to develop and applicate an inclusive music program for the student with mild intellectual disabilities. The inclusive music program in this study was consisted of games, singing, playing and creating. These activities were to be designed for the interaction between students as well as the learning of musical concepts and expressive abilities of students. The developed program was implemented in C elementary school in Seoul from April, 2013 to July, 2013. The data was gathered through the instructor`s journals, video clips of classes, and the interviews with the homeroom teacher. The gathered data was analyzed and themes were induced and the conclusion was made based on the data analysis. Finally, the report was written based on the above data. The adaptation results of the inclusive music program are the following: First, the potentials of the students with Intellectual Disabilities were expressed. Second, the subject student reveals improvements in social skill. Third, the deficiency in coordination was found in the subject student, resulting in limitations of some learning activities. Her excess stubbornness against some learning activities and materials affects falsely in the inclusive music program. Fourth, the curricular adaptations increased the efficiencies of the inclusive music program.

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