A Preliminary Study on Developing a Practical Curriculum for General Music Education in School

Dae Chang Ju
page. 219~242 / 2015 Vol.44 No.1
e-ISSN 2713-3788
p-ISSN 1229-4179


A history of music class in Korean schools shows that the main goal of teaching music in school is accomplishing education for whole man. But a lot of what is learned in music class is musical skills and knowledge that hardly touch on the original intention of the general music education in school. The purpose of this study is to make a suggestion for ways of developing a practical curriculum that actualizes educational ideas of music class in school. This study analyses the elements of goals and contents for music class as a school subject in Korea and figures out a weak point in the present curriculum for music class. Finally, this research provides a alternative to develop a efficient curriculum for music class proposing new systematization of contents on the basis of learning themes related to goals of music class.

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