Development and Effect of a Comprehensive Early Child Music Education Program Based on Orff`s Teaching Method

Hye-young Kim,Hae-gyeoung Huh
page. 75~103 / 2016 Vol.45 No.3
e-ISSN 2713-3788
p-ISSN 1229-4179


This study aims to develop a comprehensive early child music education program in accordance with the art experience sector of Nuri-early childhood curriculum and the characteristics of Orff approach, and prove its positive effects to the children’s musical ability and emotional intelligence. In accordance with this purpose, literature research and questionnaire survey have been conducted to organize the comprehensive early child program applicable to kindergartens and schools, and prove the application effect. This study selected S and B Daycare Center located in S and K city of Kyunggi Province, as an experimental group and a control group, respectively. 80 children in total participated in this research with experimental group consisting of 20 children of age 4, and control group, 20 children of age 5. In conclusion, this research proved the positive effects of the music-based integrated education program for children’s musical ability and emotional development by applying it to the child education field. It also demonstrated the importance as well as the possibility of field-application of the comprehensive music education program for children’s musical ability and emotional intelligence.

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