Suggest a Constructive Philosophical Attitude for Philosophical Development of Music Education

Gi-Su Kim
page. 37~59 / 2018 Vol.47 No.1
e-ISSN 2713-3788
p-ISSN 1229-4179
Received 2017-11-30
Revised 2018-01-16
Accepted 2018-02-03


Philosophical development of music education has been coming from ancient Greece to now. Especially in the 1970s, the philosophical interests and research have increased greatly, it is developing into aestheticism and practicalism of current philosophy of music education and various other philosophical aspects. The main task is to provide a clue and question about ‘what is the essence of music education’. In addition to presenting the ultimate goal and direction of music education, this inquiry task has a great influence on determining and selecting contents and methods of music education. Therefore this study briefly introduces major philosophical viewpoints and contents that serve as the philosophical basis of music education until now for philosophical development of music education, and suggests the constructive philosophical attitude for continuous philosophical development and research as ‘recognition of various world view’, ‘constant inquiry about the essence of music education’, and ‘learning philosophical thinking method of oneself’.

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