A Comparative Study of Traditional Music Passed Down through Textual Analysis of Middle School Music Textbooks in South Korea and China

Yongguang Hao
page. 237~264 / 2018 Vol.47 No.2
e-ISSN 2713-3788
p-ISSN 1229-4179
Received 2018-02-28
Revised 2018-04-07
Accepted 2018-05-04


The purpose of this study is to find out how to effectively transfer traditional music in school education by analyzing and comparing the contents of traditional music in middle school music textbooks published by South Korea’s Mirae Publishing House and China’s People s Music Publishing House. The following conclusions were obtained: Comparing traditional music curriculum concepts of both countries, Chinese textbooks favor the aesthetic experience of traditional music, while South Korean textbooks are oriented towards the practical musical experience of traditional music. Also, in the appreciation and singing section, South Korean music textbooks emphasize ancient music songs more than Chinese music textbooks. The textbooks of both countries focus on the inheritance of folk music, while literati music, court music, and religious music are relatively inadequate. What is more, there is no court music nor religious music in the Chinese music textbooks. The Chinese music textbooks not only lack content about using traditional instruments in comparison to South Korean textbooks, but also there is no information about traditional instruments at all. Also, the traditional music distribution in Chinese textbooks is less prevalent than in South Korean textbooks. However, in comparison to Chinese textbooks, the cover, illustrations and background-images of the South Korean textbooks lack pictures related to traditional culture. Finally,in the textbooks of both countries, we can see a lack of traditional music theory.

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