A Study on the Development of the Musical Creativity of a 5-year-old Child through the Application of the Dalcroz Method

Hey-jin Kim
page. 49~71 / 2018 Vol.47 No.3
e-ISSN 2713-3788
p-ISSN 1229-4179
Received 2018-05-31
Revised 2018-07-09
Accepted 2018-08-11


The present study aims to design a program for developing musical creativity in young children by applying the Dalcroze method in the domain of ‘art experience’ of the Nuri Curriculum and to test the program’s effect by applying it to preschoolers five-years age. To this end, literature and previous studies were examined. Based on this literature review, this study designed a program for developing musical creativity that can be utilized in preschools and childcare centers. To examine the effect of the program, five-year-old children were selected as study subjects and divided into the experiment group(44 children) and the control group(44children). Pre-test and post-test were performed to analyze the program’s effect on the development of young children’s musical creativity. The result of the analysis showed that the experiment group was found to display the program effects on the development of musical creativity compared to the control group. The sub-factors improved in the order of accuracy, fluency, creativity, and flexibility. This implies that the program that applied the Dalcroze method can be utilized as an effective program for developing young children’s musical creativity centers.

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