Designing Music Appreciation Methods based on the Metaverse SPOT Platform

Su Young Bae, Eun Jung Lim
page. 59~78 / 2023 Vol.52 No.2
e-ISSN 2713-3788
p-ISSN 1229-4179
Received 2023-02-28
Revised 2023-04-06
Accepted 2023-04-24


The purpose of this study is to explore effective online music appreciation lessons based on the metaverse platform SPOT. To achieve this, we first examined the characteristics of the metaverse, which combines online networks and advanced computer technology, as well as the features and utilization methods of SPOT for music appreciation lessons. Next, we designed a teaching and learning model for music appreciation based on the metaverse SPOT. Using this model, we constructed the metaverse space and presented the teaching and learning process, learning activities, and evaluation methods for music appreciation. The research findings confirmed that utilizing the metaverse for music appreciation allows for diverse types of music appreciation without limitations of time and space, thereby enhancing student engagement and improving learning outcomes. Utilizing the metaverse SPOT for music appreciation provides an effective tool that transcends the boundaries of music reception and expression, learning space and time, and real and virtual activities, offering a wide range of possibilities for lesson design. Further research in this field is needed to explore its full potential.

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