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A Study on Universal Accessibility of School Art Education in Korea

Eun-Jung Jung, Yong Hee Kim, Young Mee Kim, Su-Young Bae, Young Joo Park, Jheehyeon Kim

A Study on Empathy in Music Education

Moonjoo Seog,Kyung-suk Moon,Mi Young Choi

A study on Child Music Education Program in Seoul based on CIPP Evaluation Model

Jeong-seop Han,Hyo-soon Yang,Seul-gi Kang,Ha-yeon Song

Technology Competencies in 21st-Century Music Education

Ji Hyang Oh,Jae Eun Jeong,Moon Joo Seog

Needs for School Satisfaction on Music Major High School Students

Eun Mo Yeon,Jong Ho Shin,Hyo Sik Choi,Ye Eun Choi,Joo Yeon Lee


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